General FAQs

What is UPC/EAN/JAN?

This refers to the barcode the item is referenced by. The barcode is useful for two reasons.

First, barcodes are used in checkout automation at any store worldwide. This automated identification data capture allows us to feel very confident in the barcodes uniqueness and universality.

Second, we don't want to reinvent the wheel. Each item, and every product for that matter, has a unique barcode. A PsOne Books version and a black label version game have different barcodes, a green N64 controller has a different barcode than a red N64 controller. Utilizing this feature allows us to easily search for the game and allows us to ensure the game is unique to our database.

Barcode adding procedure

When adding a barcode to an item please add all numbers and/or letters given in the barcode. Here are some examples of barcodes and circled is the portion of the barcode that needs to be added to the database.

  • Leading letter example:
  • Barcode with leading letter
  • Leading 0 example:
  • Barcode with leading/trailing 0
  • Every other example:
  • Every other kind of barcode

All numbers in the barcode need to be added, this includes any leading characters and any leading/trailing 0s. This allows a game to be indexed properly, it will also benefit mobile users, as they will be able to scan their barcode and add it to their collection, an incorrect barcode means incorrect indexing.

tl;dr Please add the whole barcode and do it right.

Console association

Every item is associated with a console of some kind, this also means consoles in the database. There needs to be some connection between the DK Jungle Green N64 and a first-release gray N64. We need to associate every item with a console in order to keep the database organized. This also means those who collect different consoles, accessories, and games will be able to sort them by their overarching category, i.e. consoles.

On a side note, I feel like this shouldn't have to be explained. Mistakes happen, but if this becomes a regular offense then the user will have creation privileges revoked.

In short, Don't screw this up please.

Game FAQs

Cosmetic Condition

This is whatever you want it to be, but here are some tips that might help:

  1. Perfect - This should be reserved for complete perfection, whatever that means to you.
  2. Good - If it's so close to being perfect, but there's that one thing that you just can't get over.
  3. Fair - Bearable, but there are too many issues to call it good.
  4. Bad - As a collector, you need a new one. It wasn't as described, it looked better online than when you got it in the mail, etc.
  5. None - Should be there, but you don't have it. E.g. You're missing the box for glover.
  6. N/A - Doesn't exist. This is reserved for items that normally exist, but this is a special case and doesn't. E.g. Dreamcast games normally have spine cards, but the Dream Passport for dreamcast doesn't.

Accessory FAQs

Cosmetic Condition

Console FAQs

Cosmetic Condition